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Spider Charger

Brand:Megahertz Power Systems (MHPS)

Product Code: SpiderCharger01

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Lomiko Spider Charger

The Lomiko Spider Charger receptacle combines a standard electrical wall outlet with a high powered USB charger in a contemporary and aesthetically appealing design. The receptacle has 6 USB ports for simultaneously charging multiple USB powered devices. Strategically placed USB Ports allow up to 6 USB power devices to be charged while leaving the standard outlets free from obstruction to power any other electrical equipment. This new product eliminates unsightly clutter and allows users to maximize receptacle usage at common locations such as hotels, airports, coffee shops, kitchen counter tops, desktops or wherever you choose to charge your device. The outlet charger is compatible with any USB powered electronic equipment such as tablets, smartphones, gaming devices, e-readers, digital cameras and many others.


The Lomiko USB power source is a unique device with a modular interchangeable platform:

•       The "Spider" can power up to eight iPads, tablets or phones at the same time

        with up to 90% efficiency.

•       Dual purpose- USB connectors and supply cords do not obstruct access to AC


•       Same size as standard existing wall plates

•       Built "Flush" into the wall with only 10 mm USB ports exposed - not much more

        external space than existing wall plates.

•       For commercial and high use environments such as coffee shops and public

        areas such as airports to prevent theft.

•       Supports many other IOT appliances such as lights, security cameras, blue tooth

        audio players, etc.

•       Provides safe electrically isolated USB power for Christmas tree LED lights, toys,

        games and fans requiring 5V power.

•       Interchangeable face plates for colour coordination.



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